Harry Potter and the First Date Since Baby was Born

With my husband being active duty Air Force, we tend to live far away from our families.  With him recruiting right now, we also live very far from any military bases, so we don't have that support group or network of friends we had when he worked at Barksdale Air Force Base.  This is the reason that in the 10 months since Baby J was born, we haven't gone as a couple anywhere without her.  So it was amazing and a little terrifying when Steve's sister drove over two hours with her boyfriend and 19 month old son to watch Baby J while Steve and I went out to see the final Harry Potter movie last night.   The movie was excellent.  One of those movies that I can't stop thinking about the day after watching it (it was epic, emotional, closed the story exactly the way I pictured it, and pretty much everything I had hoped for after reading the books).

We got ice cream after the movie and then came back home to a houseful of sleeping babies.  Jane reportedly did very well with her Aunt, Uncle, and baby cousin while we were out on our date.  The adults all sat on the porch and compared fun stories for a couple of hours and well past my normal bedtime.  I wish the evening hadn't gone by so fast.

Oh, and I have a bathroom now!! It's gorgeous and about 95% complete.  I'm about to go give Jane a bath (such a more pleasant experience).  Pictures to follow (of the bathroom, not the bathing baby).

No jewelry this weekend, though I did start something Friday that I have been working on since.  It's a beaded necklace that has two strands of beading wire.  The reason for this was to create a loopy effect, unfortunately it's taking me forever to string the beads.  Hopefully I'll finish it tonight.


  1. I like you having a blog. :)

  2. It's really fun! I don't write in my journal much anymore (I hope it's just a phase) so it's nice to have this to write to.


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