Contest! ...and Newly Added Mantra Rings

I've been falling in love with aluminum these past few weeks.  I started out making cuff bracelets and sort of fell into the idea of creating these mantra rings when I accidentally ordered aluminum that was a little too thin to use for the cuffs I had in mind.  I realized if I cut them down to ring size, they are perfect for stamping smaller mantras and inspirational quotes and daily reminders.  

Here's what I've made so far:

"Write Every Day"

This was the first ring I made, for myself, since I almost always use myself as a guinea pig for new jewelry. I wear it around for a week or two and make adjustments if necessary. I was sitting there with the aluminum, wondering what to stamp. I have a habit of using my rings to remind myself of things...I'll move one to an odd finger when I have something important I need to remember to do, similar to the string tied on a finger in "It's a Wonderful Life". So instead of doing another piece of jewelry with my kids' names on it (I have dozens), I decided to give myself a little reminder that I can see whenever I look down.  That way, on a super busy day when life and work and family and chores take up every waking moment of my day, I'll still have this to remind me that I need to steal a moment to write.  

This inspired a bundle of other inspiring phrases, words and quotes:

"Run Every Day"
"Yoga Every Day"
"Meditate Every Day"
"Choose Joy"
"Smile Every Day"
"You are stronger than you think"
"The Best is Yet to Come"

 The Contest!

I don't do many contests so this is sort of a test run (but it's real, but please bear with me on the minor details). 

The Prize:  

TWO of these stackable rings (you can choose your own mantra/phrase or short inspirational quote or choose one of the above listed mantras).  Shipping is also included (US only).

Ways to Enter:  

1. If you comment on this blog with a new inspirational phrase or short quote or something you'd love to see stamped on a stackable ring like this, you're entered to win. 

2. If you also comment on the Facebook post with an idea for a new ring, you're entered to win.  

3. If you then share the Facebook post, you're entered to win.  

4. If you follow my blog, you're entered to win. 

So if you do all four, you quadruple your chances to win!

 The Fine Print

This contest is only for United States Residents. Shipping is included. Winner will be posted here and on Facebook post on 3/3/2017 (my 34th birthday!). Winner must provide me with mailing address, mantras requested and size (see below for sizing). Winner will be randomly chosen from pool of all entries. 

 I hope you all love these rings as much as I do.  A note on the creation process...I hand stamp these, then cut and sand them down to an adjustable size (small, for sizes 4-6  -  medium, for sizes 7-8  -  large, for sizes 9-10). I hammer them for more strength (aluminum is tough stuff when it's hammered and hardened!), add liquid ink, then polish them up in my tumbler for about 3 hours. This process gives the professional and high quality results you see in the images!  Questions? Comment below, email me at or message me on Etsy!

Thanks and I look forward to seeing all your inspiring mantras!  You'll definitely be seeing some of them on upcoming rings!


  1. I love the rings! Love wins. Feel peace

  2. I don't want to change the whole world, I just want to change mine.

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