End of Vacations

I cannot really express how sad I am that today is the end of my week off of work. And to add to my end-of-vacation depression I still have the problem of no bathroom. We hired someone at the beginning of the week (after the 4th of July holiday. I would never complain about a holiday but starting a huge project and then realizing it isn't a 'do it yourself' kind of thing couldn't fall at a worse time than at the beginning of a three-day weekend...well, maybe the day before Christmas Eve would have been worse, but who would tear out their only bathroom then?). The people we hired estimated that'd it'd be done by tomorrow. Today the guy was back again and with the four hours he worked in our bathroom this morning his total hours worked are about 7 or 8 hours...since Tuesday!!! His new estimate is 3-4 more days. Not happy.

As far as jewelry goes I made a pair of earrings tonight and then decided to use Facebook to prove that the friend they are intended for actually wears earrings. She doesn't. Ever. And she has lots and lots of photos on Facebook.

So they were added to Etsy:

And then I made her a bracelet:

And now I'm done for the night. I wish I had been able to make more time for the jewelry this week. I love being a grad student but I'm really worried that when classes start again in August that I'll literally have no time for it. I've always made time for it before but I haven't really been a student, mother and full time employee at the same time AND still made jewelry on a regular basis. We'll see how it goes. Everyone needs to make time for themselves once in a while.

In twelve hours I'll be at work :( ...and nothing is worse than the first day back to work after a vacation.

On a side note, I bought the app BlogPress tonight and am using it on my iPad and it so far is well worth the money. As long as this post gets added to my blog without a hitch I'm going to be writing a nice review for the app!

Well, no nice review tonight. The first time I posted this my second photo was replaced with a completely different person's photo!! (someone holding their baby at a lake or beach...what the *??)

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