The Etsy Addiction

So two weeks ago at this time I was going on my merry way, not thinking too much about my jewelry making hobby. Then, on a Saturday morning, June 19, 2011 to be specific, as I was finishing up yet another piece of jewelry for myself, I felt a little odd about looking around my room and finding several small jewelry boxes full of things I had made myself over the years. I've made things for gifts as well, Christmas, for example, usually entails me making several pairs of earrings and matching sets of bracelets and necklaces. But throughout the year I haven't stopped making things, and getting all the supplies has become extremely expensive even with the spoiling from my parents during my latest visit with them and a stop at Bandgles & Beads. So on that Saturday morning two weeks ago, I finally made the time to check out Etsy, a website I learned about through a friend (Joyce) from work. After a quick and very easy bit of research, I realized how inexpensive and simple it was to start a shop on the site. Since then I have sold exactly six items, all to people I know. That's okay though, I'm getting good feedback built up and I'm still making and listing new items at least every couple of days. I love love love the website. It is very addictive, checking other people's shops, reading forums, learning new ways to list my items, etc. There isn't enough time in the day to do everything I want with my own shop. But I'm in it now, and I'm not giving up. I think I mint have a celebration when I sell my first item to someone I don't know!

Id really like to learn how to solder my own sterling pieces...I've been researching it, so we'll see!


  1. Correction--bangles & beads, not bandgles, :)

    It's in Richmond, VA.

    I'm heading there again next week during a visit with my sister.


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