Etsy is rough. And 'The Hunger Games' books are addicting.

So I didn't create an Etsy shop with high expectations.  My expectations were extremely low, in fact. My only true goal has been to sell a piece of my jewelry to someone I don't know.  That hasn't happened (yet).  I guess if I reached my goal in less than a month and a half I would have made even higher expectations and been disappointed at some point.  I'm not exactly disappointed now, but I feel like this shop can really play with my emotions.

Posting items on Facebook and then not getting any feedback makes me a little insecure.  (NOT a plug to beg for feedback, just wanted to express the way this shop has been taking me on a roller coaster of excitement and disappointment).  When I only get a handful of views on an item that I thought would be a hit, it makes me feel like maybe I'm not really creating things others would want, just something I would wear.  Maybe I'll start asking people on Facebook to give me tips on things I should create.

I started adding things to Etsy more for the fun of it, wanting a way to make myself feel like I'm not just making endless amounts of jewelry that only I will ever wear (and the recipients of Christmas, birthday, etc. presents).  But it started out and has remained personal.  Everyday I check my shop and everyday I feel a little less excited about it.  I want to persevere, to continue adding things I make here and there and just let their time expire (the items posted on Etsy have 4 months to remain listed before you either have to relist them or let them expire).  I guess I have to just take a step back and try and remain impartial about all of it.  It's hard though, considering I can't help but wonder if my jewelry isn't all that I thought it was cracked up to be.

Thankfully, I have school starting again in about three weeks.  I'll be extremely busy and will have little time to get upset about the shop and the sales I am or am not having.

Also...for the past week I have been reading The Hunger Games trilogy.  I'm about 1/3 through the last book and can't put it down...the same as I have been with the first two.  I look forward to every moment where I have time to sit and read, and with a 10 month old baby, those times are often not very often.  But for anyone who likes to read, and who has enjoyed a good series such as Harry Potter or Twilight, please give these books a chance.  They're addicting in a good way.

Now it's time to go nurse my baby and read :)