Failed Experiment

This weekend my husband started a project in our bathroom. His goal: remodel it completely. He accomplished gutting it to the bare minimum with his friend but when the two of them started the overwhelming project of putting it back together they realized quite quicky that they were in over their heads. So now we have one running toilet downstairs and no shower or bath. Hubby is already in contact with local contractors but we will be left without said shower and tub for the foreseeable future. Luckily tonight was also the night of the fireworks in our town, so we took our 9 1/2 month old to see them and I was able to put off thoughts of borrowing friends' bathrooms until I got back home to the house.

Whenever there's a remodeling project in my home the whole house seems to take part in the project. There are plumbing pipes, pieces of molding and tools scattered everywhere. Not to mention the things that used to find their home on the bathroom vanity. So to further take my mind off of the mess that is my house, I made a bracelet and pair of earrings while watching "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind". And now it is one in the morning and sleep should hopefully take over the task of distracting me from this failure of a day.