The Forever Necklace

I have never spent more time making a necklace than I did for this one.  I started it Friday, I think, after work and it is now Monday evening.  In total I probably spent about 5 hours working on it, almost a full work day (except that while I'm endlessly stringing beads I can watch TV at the same time). There were two strands of beading wire the same length, and I pulled one out a little longer in order to string beads on each separately and then combine them and string beads so there would be the appearance of having only two strands around your neck.  I know...that made no sense...but if you look closely at the below photos you might see what I mean...

See how there are two strands past the silver hoops and then they magically come together on each side? I couldn't think of any other way to make two separate loops.

Next time I'll just skip the fancy two loops and go for one very long strand to make as a lasso necklace.  Either way I was really pleased with the finished product of this necklace!


And I love my new $3.00 purple tank top from Rue 21 (any clothing that I get under $5 makes me extremely happy).