Jewelry stores and cities

I live in western Pennsylvania so I have no available Targets, Best Buys, Barnes and Nobles, not even a Starbbucks within about an hour of where I live (I know, it's a complete shock when you think of the cities that have two on the same block). So there are definitely no great bead or jewelry making stores. We do have a Joann Fabrics, which has recently taken over the adjacent out-of-business Movie Central so I do have three aisles of thoroughly browsed jewelry making supplies. But here in Richmond, where I'm visiting my sister and her family with my 10 month old, they have a great store called Bangles and Beads. I spent almost 15 minutes there yesterday (they also have a website, so I had already scoped out exactly what I was going to buy) and ended up feeling extremely out of place among the hippy and probably much more successful jewelry makers who were also spending their Wednesday morning in the store. Nonetheless I bought some sterling wire and two rose charms cut out of pyrite (I used to LOVE Fools Gold as a child, so I'm keeping one).

Despite my momentary depressing sense of low self esteem, I still came back to my sister's home and made two necklaces, one of which I'm proud of, the other (with the pyrite rose) I will probably take apart and think of something else.

Today I made two bookmarks out of very thin and small glass beads (seed beads, I think they're called...I swear I'm not as amateur as I sound, I'm just terrible with remembering labels and names of things like precious stones and types of pliers).

So bookmarks, when I get back from my sister's, will be my next Etsy items.