Another down time.

So I never really considered how much more vulnerable I would become by 'putting myself out there' so to speak with this Etsy business.  I constantly over think every piece of jewelry I post and then I am constantly personalizing every day that nothing sells (which, if you check out my shop, you'll see is pretty much every day).  When school starts my mind will be more occupied but I'm not looking forward to that. 

I feel like I'm not really looking forward to anything at the moment.  Maybe it's because my baby girl is turning 1 a month from today...I am sad that this year went by so quick (but obviously ecstatic that my baby girl is becoming a little lady).  Maybe it's because I only have two more years in this area before my military husband changes locations.  Or maybe it's just PMS.

Who knows...

Another pair of earrings coming up soon.  I plan on trying to bunch beads together with sterling wire...I'm hoping it goes well.