Another Few Weeks, of confidence and time.

I had my first sale in three weeks yesterday.  A pair of earrings sold in less than twelve hours! (thanks to a coworker!)  It felt really nice to have a bit of confidence again.  Last night I made a necklace out of light and dark blue dyed hemp.  The charm it connects to is a sterling silver twirled up in almost a disc of sterling silver (similar to the earrings I made that sold so quickly  There is also just a solid navy blue glass swarovski hanging bead next to the sterling wire charm and they connect with a toggle clasp (so the necklace itself connects in the front as part of the decorative charm, instead of at the back of the neck).  Whenever I decide to either post it on etsy or do something with it, I'll post a photo of it.  I was really disappointed in the outcome but it took almost an hour to finish it and my idea of what it would look like did not, unfortunately, become a reality.  Maybe tonight I'll take the two charms off the toggle and make it just a regular necklace with the charms just hanging on the hemp cord and the toggle connected in the back as it normally would.  That would be a simple solution.  Then I might actually keep this necklace :) (not that I need anymore necklaces).

In other news, I start school again in 3 weeks.  I'm a half time graduate student at Clarion University in their online program for Master's in Library Science.  I really enjoy my classes every semester but I have such a limited amount of time that I can't help but stress over the fact that I'm starting again so soon.  This will be my 3rd official semester (should be my 4th, but I took a medical withdrawal the semester my baby was born).  I can not wait to have the degree.  But I have another year and a half to go, I think.  I'm confident that it will definitely be worth the stress and lack of time.

Update: I fixed up the necklace and am keeping it for myself :)