Babies and Jewelry

Making jewelry with a baby who can crawl is definitely a challenge.  I baby proof the living room (including a quick vacuuming because she has incredibly good eyes and a weird desire to eat every little thing she finds on the floor), put the baby on the floor (with toys scattered around) then sit down and start working on a bracelet (the one I posted today, which was a tedious project that would take a little over an hour....IF I was dedicating the entire hour to it).

I swear, every five minutes this baby somehow manages to find her way into every area of the room I would rather she not go.  One second she's in the middle of the floor chewing on a board book, the next she's in the crack between the bouncy seat and a chair chewing on my breast pump.  How the hell did she get over there?  And she doesn't even actually crawl.  She can get up on all fours but she prefers to drag herself along with her arms (so she's really not that fast).

So needless to say, the bracelet, posting the bracelet on etsy, and writing this blogpost have all had several postponements in order to save the baby from whatever potentially dangerous situation she has so eagerly gotten herself into.

Without further ado, here's the bracelet: