Ideas for Precious Metal Clay

I have two really exciting (to me) ideas for when I receive this fine silver making kit

(which should be here on 8/26

..just in time to get a good weekend out of it before school starts).

I am trying to hold back on talking about these ideas until I can see how I actually do with them but I am terrible at holding back, so I'm at least going to talk about the second idea I came up with.  The first idea is simple and easy to talk about but I want to make one for a friend and not have her know exactly what it is before she gets it in the mail next week or the week after...and she's the only one who follows my blog.

So the SECOND idea...which I'm more psyched about because it took a lot more planning and spawned from me wanting this for myself anyway.

I'm going to find some molding clay at a local craft store.  With the molding clay I'm going to stick my beautiful baby's index finger in it and get a good impression of it.  Then I'll bake that batch of clay.  When it's hardened with Jane's finger print, I'll press more mold clay again so I have her impression almost as if she's touching the silver clay (bake it again) and then I'll press that onto the silver clay.  I can easily just put her actual index finger on the silver clay but I want to see how this works considering I hope to be doing this over Etsy and I can't very well drive out to Oklahoma to get someone's baby's anyone has any better ideas of getting an impression into the clay please let me know. Because after a lot of thinking, this is the best I could come up with so far.

If you search for this on Etsy you will see that this has been done before.  A lot.  But my idea is to then make the finger print the back of the charm (they're meaningful and precious but not very pretty).  The front will have a raised up fun design, possibly with the child's initial in the center and off to the bottom right of the circular charm will be the child's birthstone (synthetic because only the lab created gems can withstand the torching I'll be putting them through while turning the silver clay into a real silver charm).

I can't wait to do this simply because I want one of my own so I can have Jane's fingerprint around my neck.  That will be the one I'll post on Etsy so people see what they're going to get but with their own child's fingerprint and birthstone.

I'm going to get the birthstones from Fire Mountain Gems:

They are the only seller that I could find a chart and a choice of synthetic for each month.  Apparently I'm not supposed to be able to torch Emeralds though, even if they are synthetic, so I'll have to figure something else out for that month.

Okay, I've chased my baby around enough trying to prevent her from eating every piece of dried leaf she finds on the floor...time to go play some games with her!