Precious Metal Clay

I am ecstatic.  Tonight I ordered this kit:

Unfortunately, I ordered it from Amazon, where for some unknown reason it is $40 more expensive than it is on Fire Mountain Gems and about $11 more in shipping (I looked on the Fire Mountain Gems site and couldn't find it until after I ordered it on Amazon).

Either way, I'm going to try and return it to the seller on Amazon to get it at the lower price.  I'm hoping the seller responds to my numerous emails and phone calls and either reduces their price or cancels the order.  

I couldn't believe there was actually a clay that could be fired with a torch and turned into a silver charm/ring/whatever my heart desires.  It's made up of a substance that creates the clay consistency and then after being brought under a great amount of heat the substance melts away and the silver fuses leaving just pure precious metal.  I can even use 22 karat gold.  

It can be polished and have lab created gems added to it (natural stones break from the heat but I assume I can add them if I glue them after the product is fired and cooled).  

Like I've said before, with school starting in less than two weeks I fear I won't get to allot much free time to making jewelry but I am trying not to worry too much about that.

One of the things I feared when I was considering making my own sterling charms/rings was that I have NO clue how to work with real metal.  There would be sawing and soldering and other scary sounding procedures that I have no experience with other than admiring finished pieces.  But with clay I feel extremely experienced.  In high school I had an addiction to making things out of Sculpey (  It doesn't really fit the style of jewelry I'm going for now, which is why I haven't worked with it since I was younger, but I used it for years and have a lot of experience with molding small things out of clay.

So as you can see, I'm pretty excited.  Now comes the compulsive tracking of this kit's shipping status.


  1. So yay. The seller on amazon cancelled my order and I am saving about $50 purchasing this directly from Fire Mountain Gems. And the delivery is 1-8 days. I really hope it's on the shorter end of that.


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