I requested today off from work since everyone has been vacationing and I was dying of jealousy.  My plan: take the baby to the daycare, sit and read, pump around 11:30 then head to the pool for the rest of the day.  Today started out beautiful, not a cloud in the sky.  Now, of course, we have a thunderstorm almost here and a whole bunch of them apparently popping up around 2 pm.  All week they were just calling for scattered storms today with only 30% chances.

I love my child with my entire heart and then some but I just wanted an afternoon to relax by the pool, shut my eyes, enjoy the warm summer weather, etc.  It's not happening.  And my husband works constantly and a little bit here and there on each weekend so he's probably not going to be much help in watching the baby during the day tomorrow (when the weather is supposed to be nice).  I didn't think I'd mind so much if it rained today and I didn't get this wish, but it turns out, I mind very much.


  1. Thunderstorm is here. Jeesh, can I please find the strength to quit feeling sorry for myself?

  2. Ended up going to the pool was lovely!


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