Happy Birthday Jane Elizabeth

I have been neglecting jewelry and posting. I sold my FIRST item to someone I don't know (and have no connection to) and the feeling of that sale was incredible. It was a man in New York City (for his wife) so that made it feel even better. since then, Jane turned one. I can't believe how fast the year has gone and I keep having flashbacks to last year at this time.

Today we put her front facing car seat in the car and she loved it. She was even bobbing her head to the music that was playing. It's nice to be able to see her while we're driving.

Right now she's eating dinner and I'm (like always) thanking our dog, Ike, for cleaning up all the pieces she keeps throwing on the floor. I think she's actually throwing the food down with the intention of feeding the dog. She loves Ike more than anything as far as I can tell. When we were at her birthday party last weekend, which was at a small lake near our house, she wouldn't take her eyes off of him and her first word was definitely "Dog".

Lately, I have been exhausted from school, work, house, and baby. I haven't made much of anything that could be considered jewelry (I made two bookmarks on Thursday night to see how well the new bead spinner I got would work, I approve). Everyday I have this crazy amount of motivation to make something out of fine silver clay but every night I am either too tired or too motivated to watch TV, especially now that all our favorite shows are new again. I'm not ashamed to admit that I love to curl up on the couch at night to do this. Here's a list of shows I really enjoy (since other than school, work and Jane I don't have much to talk about at the moment, haha):

Glee (watched the first season on Netflix for the past few weeks)
Modern Family (LOVE this show)
The Middle (only so-so)
The Office
Two and a Half Men (I was impressed with the way they introduced Ashton Kutcher)
Revenge (watched this on my phone's Hulu app)
Parks and Recreation
How I Met Your Mother
The Big Bang Theory

Holy crap that's a long list. And I'm almost sure I missed at least a couple. Okay, at about Two and a Half Men on that list I started feeling a little ashamed. Oh well...I'm productive 90 percent of the day. Sue me.

So other than some homework and cleaning tomorrow I really do hope to make some jewelry. I even found a couple of small leaves outside that I'd love to imprint in the silver clay.

I love weekends. I wish they were longer but I'll never stop appreciating these two days a week.