All Sorts of Jewelry

Maybe it's the holiday season or my refreshing break I took from it in October, but for the past couple of weeks I have been way more creative and obsessed with the jewelry making.  I have some orders for Christmas gifts as well.

I'm getting a lot more practice with the precious metal clay.  When I first started working with metal clay I got 'Art Clay Silver 650' and after having worked with several types of clay, the Art Clay is my least favorite.  I then tried 'Art Clay Silver 650 Slow Dry' because I thought it would be better for making projects that took a little more patience and detail.  That clay was a little better than the regular Art Clay but it was almost rubbery and still seemed to dry extremely quickly.  The past couple of weeks I have been working with PMC 3 (Precious Metal Clay 3) and it is definitely my favorite version of metal clay thus far.  It has the consistency of real clay and doesn't stick to your fingers as much as the regular Art Clay 650.  It has a bit of the rubbery feel of the Art Clay Slow Dry but doesn't dry out as quickly. 

Without further ado, here are my recent projects:

I made the turtle last week and I am extremely happy with it.  I listed it on Etsy but it's a 'made to order' type item because I am keeping this guy for myself.  I love turtles.

<< The raindrop with the emerald was for a friend's daughter for Christmas.  I was really worried about firing that piece because I feared the synthetic emerald might crack or melt.  The heart on the right is for my daughter as her first charm on a charm bracelet I plan to add to as she gets older.  The heart is from a mold of a plastic heart ring I found in the parking lot of her first birthday party.  I carved a 1 on the back.

I made all 3 of these rings (I can't express how happy I am that I can make my own rings now..I have always loved jewelry but rings have been my favorite).  The one on my ring finger was last night's creation.

<<  The stone is a White Spinel...the synthetic version of the diamond, which makes it safe to fire with the metal clay.  Aside from still needing to oxidize this ring, it's exactly what I pictured when I wanted to make a ring for my ring finger.

Not sure if I'll add it to Etsy.  I'll see how it turns out after I add the patina and polish it up again. >>

<<  And the emerald handled the heat beautifully!  I was really happy with the results of this charm.  I hope the recipient likes it!!
My stickers advertising my shop ^^  I ordered them on Etsy from:

So those are my recent projects!  I am almost in need of buying more clay, but it has been a productive couple of weeks.  I have even kept up with homework, baby, house and work. 

Have a great Thanksgiving!!