Can you buy motivation? I think I'll ask for it as a Christmas present.


School: 2 online classes for my Master's in Library Science-one of which requires that I read 20 books.

Work:  Need I explain?  40 hours a week of actually being at work and about an hour a day of commute (including dropping the baby off and picking the baby up at the daycare)

House: Cleaning, laundry, dishes, (husband makes the dinners)

Baby:  Need I explain?  Diaper changes, food, play, baths, etc.

Jewelry:  What jewelry?

Hence my absence these past couple of months.  When the holidays are here I won't have school, but I will still be busy with wrapping, shopping, cleaning, etc. and then another semester will start in January.  By May, 2012 I hope to have more time for jewelry (and I also have the ambition to write a novel next summer...I've started with several attempts at this throughout the years and I'm trying a new approach for next summer but that is enough for its own blog).  If I could have a whole bunch of extra money and several extra hours each day I would be set.

So I guess a lack of motivation isn't really my problem.  It's more of a lack of time to relax, and my need to sacrifice my jewelry making in order to get this relaxation time.  Right now though, I feel that my desire to make a new ring is starting to outweigh my need to have time to relax after the baby goes to bed.

I did make a fingerprint charm necklace for my supervisor's daughter that I was really proud of:

 The birthstone was Alexandrite

Her daughter got a really good mold of her son's finger so this came out really good.  The whole fiasco of shipping the mold and having her ship it back went a lot smoother than I expected.

It's really a lot shinier in person.  And it's a Christmas gift so I'll have to wait to see how she likes it.