Fingerprint Heart Charms and a Busy Week

My 15 month old is standing next to me as I type and she's threatening to hit the keyboard of my laptop every 15 seconds so this won't be t-['=]\ <<-----see? the longest blog entry.  I'm sure no one will mind, my last couple posts were extra long after all.

My shop has finally found a popular item!  Actually, it would be more accurate to say the item found my shop. A friend I work with asked me to make her a custom item...she found it on Pinterest (a very addictive site, if you haven't already tried it).  The piece of jewelry was a print of her boyfriend and her own print molded together to form a heart.  I made it last weekend:

<---It is my first attempt at these and I hope to get better as I complete each one.  

I made another for a set of twins as a 
Christmas gift for their mother (super cute idea):


I have three orders still to complete but I'm waiting on receiving prints and sending out a mold kit.

I also sold another breastfeeding reminder ring last week (these will always be my favorite items in my shop). So it has been a great couple of weeks for my shop!  I hope it remains at least slightly consistent like this for a little while but I feel the holidays are playing a large part in my recent success.  I even had my first international sale this week!  Someone in Finland purchased a necklace!  It was an exciting moment.

Each time I have a sale it's such a great feeling.  And instead of getting less surprising each time I actually get even more excited because it means I have a shot with this.

And to close on a superstitious note...I just saw that the heart charm had 33 views and 3 'favorites'.  Three threes and it just so happens that three is my favorite number.  When my shop only had 13 sales and 13 admirers I had 2 or 3 straight weeks of no sales.