I'm loving this necklace

So though my photo necklace hasn't gotten much attention on my Etsy shop, I am loving my own personal one more every day.  I am actually doing it over right now because I have an epoxy stripper that works really well and because I felt like the photo itself was too hard to see.  I lightened it up on my computer and reprinted it and am currently in the process of redoing it.  I'll probably replace the photos on Etsy when I'm done.  I'm watching old episodes of Monk on Hulu on my iPad and am drinking red wine while I work.  It's kind of an awesome night.

I should probably mix the epoxy now and put a layer of it on the charm before I get too tipsy.


I hope.

To be honest, I'm afraid I didn't put enough epoxy on last time and the top part of the photo took in a little water.  I made sure to pile it on this time and if it still takes in water, I'll post in my listing that it isn't waterproof (but is for sure water resistant--I just wouldn't suggest taking a shower with it on).

I figure I should add some photos of what I'm doing.  Man, this wine is making me chatty.

The reason for the 8 repeats of the photo I'm making into a necklace is because I printed ONE earlier and messed it up when the glue I was using made it stick to the paper and pealed off a little bit of the photo.  So I wasn't taking any chances the second time I printed it out.  Now it's hardening and I am hoping it is perfect when it's all solid and epoxy like (I seriously LOVE epoxy).  This whole concept of putting a photo  in the center of a beautiful silver charm gets me really excited.  I wish other people felt the same way.  Eh, maybe eventually!  It doesn't hurt that I have always loved this particular photo.  I took it with my iPhone when Jane was only a few weeks old and I remember thinking at the time that it was one of those fluke awesome looking photos.  Plus I'm extremely and madly in love with my daughter.  I am more excited than I can express with words that I might be able to experience the whole childbirth/nursing thing again sometime soon.  Which is pretty ironic, considering if you know me, you know I HATED being pregnant. I hated the actual childbirth process too until I can look back with hindsight.

Anyway, this post is getting way off track and out of hand.

Here's a fun photo of Jane goofing around with a fun little paper watch that came on a Valentine's Day card my parents sent for her.

And here are a couple of the charm and epoxy hardening...

I really hope I can be easier on myself with the results on this one.  I'm already over-critiquing it because I put it on a slant to harden and the epoxy slightly sloped toward the bottom of the heart and it a tiny bit thicker at the end than at the top of the photo.  I turned the charm around so I'm hoping it evens out a tad bit but I think the real problem is here that I'm too picky of my own work.  I guess that's not a terrible thing but  it's really not helping my stress levels.  More wine, maybe...

So i'll close here.

My shop had a freakin awesome week last week and this week it has been dead for about 3 days in a row..which is KILLING me.  I ordered a better and more expensive kiln and I'm feeling really confident despite the lull this week, but whenever my shop gets a consistent amount of sales I keep expecting them...so are the woes of being a small business owner, I guess?

Well...night night!

Enjoy your Thursday evening!!  Tomorrow is the day before a 3-day weekend for me so I couldn't be more content :)