New necklace and disappointing kiln

I got the Speedfire Electric Kiln a few nights ago and pulled it out to try it last night. According to the instructions, 30 minutes should completely fire my PMC 3. So I plugged it in, switched it on, waited thirty minutes and was disappointed to find that the kiln itself got lukewarm, at best, and the silver didn't come close to even burning off the binder. I'm hoping (and am pretty sure) it was just a damaged unit but it got me to thinking I'd rather just spend the money for a regular kiln. I haven't called the company yet (Metal Clay Supply) but I'm hoping they'll take this one back and exchange it for the Paragon Firefly digital version. I'll call them tomorrow because I assume they aren't open on the weekend.

As far as my shop goes, I'm feeling really confident lately. After complained about fewer sales in the last post, I ended up having the best week since I opened. And tonight or tomorrow I hope to add a new listing that should hopefully get a lot of popularity (I love the sample I made for myself so much).

Here are some photos of my weekend projects:

These were the pieces ready to fire on the SFEM kiln...sadly I spent about 30 minutes firing them with my torch today since this obviously didn't work.

Necklaces for a custom order :) these photos were taken with my iPhone.

And my new and soon to be listed item.....

A fine silver frame of an epoxy covered photo of Jane and I when she was just weeks old. My favorite photo is now going to be part of my favorite necklace :D

I'm still letting the epoxy cure and then will add the jumpring and chain, photograph it and add it to my shop as a featured item :)

I've wanted to be able to do this since I started working on silver clay and finally stumbled upon some directions on how to get the photo to set without worrying about water and daily wear by using epoxy (I never knew it was so easy to use).

I can't wait to wear it!

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