Ahh!!! The # 13!!!

I have never had good luck with my shop and the number 13.  When I had 13 sales I was also stuck at 13 admirers and that lasted for over 2 weeks (at least).  The day I had my 14th sale I also had TWO new admirers of my shop, bringing that number to 15.  I currently have 13 followers on this blog, which is why I think my shop has had a bad couple of weeks of business for the most part.  PLEASE follow my blog if you're reading this!!!!



  1. Carmella, I like to make beaded jewelry! My daughter and I used to do this together and once we did this to raise money for her mission trip to Russia. Now I only get to do beads (allow myself, lol) after I finish writing a manuscript! Many blessings!

  2. That's awesome! You were able to raise enough? I'm working at trying to raise enough for a trip to visit a friend in Denver, CO. Still not there yet!

    What is the manuscript about? I also love to write!!


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