What a February...

I realized this year that February is by far my least favorite month of the year.  Especially in an area that has winter.  I know this year was a mild winter for Pennsylvania, but I hate any type of winter so I have still been daydreaming about the day I get to wear a pair of shorts and drive with my windows down.  Speaking of driving...my daughter and I were in a car accident Wednesday, February 21st.  We were both fine, thankfully!!  A 17-year-old boy without a license, was driving his mothers car and failed to stop at a stop sign and drove right into my moving vehicle (I was going almost full speed-35mph).  He wasn't hurt either.  I also found out the next day that a package I ordered from a metal clay company was lost in the mail (USPS).  I thought that the mail found it a couple of days ago bc it moved locations again finally, but now I'm not so sure again.  It hasn't moved since.  It was supposed to be delivered 2/15...so I'm pretty hopeless about it. AND I didn't get insurance, of course :(

Well, yesterday was the last day of February...Leap Day, in fact...and it was like February was trying to make it up to me for putting me in a horrible mood all month.  I got a new car (a Chevy Equinox-I LOVE it!) and I had my first NEW sale on Etsy in WEEKS!  So yay!!  Still no sight of that package though...Oh WAIT!  I just checked it to be sure and it is now OUT FOR DELIVERY.  YAY again!  --it was over $60 worth of products, so I feel a little justified for this enthusiasm.

Now it's march, and my birthday is this weekend, so I'm in a much better mood :)