Our daughter must seriously have either our room bugged or is psychic.  I don't know how else she does it.  We stayed up unusually late last night (Steve playing The Sims on the computer and me listing new jewelry to my shop) and decided to be out of the ordinary and sleep in today.  She woke up over an hour earlier than normal!!  At 6:15 she was up screaming (I wonder if she's getting a new tooth?).  So on about 6 hours of sleep, Steve and I are forced to start the day with that bitter 'we should be asleep still' feeling.

Jane is totally cool though...she's looking cute in one of the new shirts she has from this weekend's trip to Pittsburgh with Grandma and Pop-Pop.  I literally can't help but think that she's the best person in the world when I look at her, haha.  Even when Steve has to give her life lessons like "you shouldn't rub your toast from breakfast on your belly".