McDonald's ... Ewwww

I stopped at McDonald's this morning before taking my daughter to's becoming sort of a routine (or addiction) that I get an iced coffee before work everyday during the hot summer mornings.  This morning, my experience was was less than desirable. 

When I got around the drive-thru (I never appreciated a drive-thru until I had a child), I noticed a loud truck blocking the window to pay at.  I thought it was someone actually getting breakfast too and felt a little peeved that they wouldn't just go in, since I couldn't hear over the noise coming from the truck.  When I drove around, I realized the truck was working on the side of the building.  I guess the septic tank needed emptied?  Just thinking about it makes me want to throw up.  The smell was unimaginably bad.  It smelled like someone was holding a platter of human feces mixed with other human waste right under my nose.  Ew. Gross. 

I got an iced coffee and a fruit and yogurt parfait.  I took my daughter to daycare (she didn't seem as upset about the putrid stench McDonald's was giving off--maybe because she still poops in a diaper and is forced to smell it for a little longer than most people have to deal with their poop?), then got to work and brought out my Fruit n Yogurt Parfait and discovered that the whole bag of granola (the part that really MAKES the whole thing) was completely empty.  I guess it had a hole in it before they even put it in the McDonald's bag since there was no granola anywhere to be found. 

I'll still probably go back tomorrow...I swear these iced coffees have some seriously addictive qualities.