My Life Charms and trouble with photography

I'm trying my hardest to make this 'My Life' charm line a reality and I want it to reflect how much I believe in it.  I want it to have the best photos, the most reflective prices, good accessories, and I want it to be something I can continue to promote with confidence.  I haven't had a product line that I've invested so much of myself in since my 'Breastfeeding Reminder Rings' .. and I think I've topped the effort I put towards them with this project.  One of the accessories I envisioned with these necklaces didn't work out too well on my first run.  I want to add silver beads as 'spacers' so it sort of separates each little charm so people can see each of them.  I made quite a few (6, actually) small silver beads but their holes turned out to be way too small and I can't realistically spend the time using my bead reamer to try and make them wide enough to fit over a chain.  I have to just give up on the 6 I made and make new ones and wrap them around a wider surface to dry (like a small cocktail straw or something).  I decided to use fine silver PMC 3 for all of these charms because it's only slightly more expensive than sterling silver PMC and I can fire it with a torch.  So instead of having to fire up my kiln to finish a charm or two on short notice, I can just quickly fire them with my torch in 10 minutes. 

I love the way the first ones turned out:

The below (and above) image was taken with my's a little blurry. 

The little fine silver beads I want as spacers would help separate how close together the charms fall so people can see them all easier. So if you have a man, woman, two kids and a dog, you'll be able to easily see that there are 5 charms instead of all of them jumbling up together. I feel like 5 charms won't look too gaudy either...they're all extremely small....(like half an inch tall and maybe 1/4 inch wide).

Jogging, Running Girl Charm - Charm Only - My Life Charms - Free Shipping in the US

I am getting much much closer to seeing this all become a reality.  I just have to make a few of the spacers, photograph the charms again (I photographed them all separately last night but I looked at the pictures this morning and I don't really like any of them, haha) and then get them all listed.  I have to use my regular props for my photos..which is frustrating, because it's about an hours worth of work that I have to redo all because I thought my regular props weren't good enough. But I'll tough it out and get them right, because I'm not half assing this part of the process. 

Anyway..I'm determined to make this work.  Any advertising advice would be more than welcome!