My Life Charms - The launch

So now that I'm finally really close to being able to list some of my new line of necklaces, I'm going to blog about them. To premise, I've been thinking about making these necklaces for months and couldn't even make my first attempt at them until last week when I finally got my stampmaker. The line of necklaces is based around the little people that are becoming so popular as car details (the ones that people get that sort of reflect their, woman, kid playing baseball, dog, etc). I'm titling the line of necklaces 'My Life' jewelry. So far I have a woman walking a dog, a 'tree hugger' and a pair of flip flops.

 The tree hugger and flip flops ^^  Can you tell that's a girl hugging a tree? 

There's the one of the girl walking her dog.  Is it as obvious as I feel like it is?  I'm afraid I've been staring at these too closely and now I can't judge them right at all.

 painters/mom holding baby/pregnant mom/graduate/baby girl/baby boy

These will all be made into silver charms soon enough.  I hope the painters show up okay in the silver...and the book with the heart around it.  Can you even tell what that is without me specifying?

So yea, this is something I've been working on for a while.  I drew all the photos on my iPad using ArtStudio, then shrunk them, inverted the color using InfiniFX on my iPhone...then printed them out and made them into stamps with that awesome Stampmaker I spoke of last week.  I had to tweek the suggested times from 3 seconds and 3 minutes to 10 seconds (to create a solid base-my stamps kept falling off at 3 seconds) and 2:45 (enough time to get the detail of the tiny little photos). 

I love that this idea I've had stuck in my head for months now is finally becoming a reality.  I had been imagining the charms doing really well and now I don't really care either way, I just look forward to finally getting them all listed in my shop in the next week or so.  I will then continue adding new 'little people' as I think of them (and for custom requests and holidays).