Summer Blues??

Goodness my shop had a drop in sales.  I went from consistently selling 2-5 things a week for over a month to not having one sale in over a week and a half!  It's not terrible timing for it to be so slow, but I never want a decline in success.  My husband and I put our house up for sale this past Friday.  I don't remember if I mentioned that he will be getting transferred to a new location with the recruiting job he has in the Air Force.  We still aren't sure where we'll be going next, but we should find out in the next few weeks (then my daydreaming will really start).  We will also find out when we're leaving and we already know that the soonest we could go would be November and the latest we would go will be March of next year.  In any case, we have to be proactive so we're (hopefully) not stuck with an extra mortgage when we end up in our next location. 

To make matters more stressful, my summer semester is starting in 2 weeks.  I will be taking 2 classes in 4 weeks that are normally spread out over 3 months.  So I suppose a slow down in sales isn't the worst thing in the world.  I'm still busily producing new products, even if I am finding it difficult to photograph them and list them on the shop.  I have that on my list of things to do tonight. 

Like I said, I'm still busy making new jewelry.  Something about the summer weather gets me feeling very creative.  I made an infinity charm that I'm excited to polish and add to a leather chain for a bracelet.  I also made a few more of my 'My Life' charms and the spacers seem to finally be working out so I just need to polish them and get them photographed and listed.  If time were abundant, I'd be so much more accomplished.

^^^Here's a toering I made with Sterling PMC.  I twisted it in the middle^^^

  ^And here's an experimental type ring of Sterling PMC.^