Where have I been??

It has been a busy May!  My shop definitely had its best month so far this May and I couldn't be more excited about it!  Thanks to Mother's Day and Father's Day, I have had a consistent amount of sales on my fingerprint jewelry.  I've even been able to invest in a new piece of equipment that I wanted to talk about today. 

On Wednesday of this week I ordered a StampMaker Kit from Metal Clay Supply.  Basically I'll be able to take most images (I hesitate to say 'any' image) and turn them into a polymer stamp that I can then stamp into my precious metal clay and create a beautiful little silver charm with that image.  Because I have wanted this kit since I started working with metal clay, I have a whole lot of ideas of what I want to make, but the absolute first thing I'm creating is a piece of jewelry with the tiny footprints of my daughter when she was first born.  I just have to find them (I know they're in my house somewhere, haha), scan them, and turn them into stamps.  I can't wait to have a necklace (or maybe bracelet?  or maybe both?) of her actual footprints! 

So aside from that addition to my shop, I think I might start getting scans of fingerprints instead of sending out the mold kits.  The lines of the scans will probably work a little better (especially for adults), and the whole process would be easier and faster for the customers.  Maybe I'll request the scan first, and if I feel it isn't going to work well on the silver, I'll send a mold kit.  I'm also going to print sayings in fancy fonts that I'll be able to use and reuse (for instance 'Forever and always, no matter what', which is the last thing I tell Jane before bed every night).  I might even sell the stamps themselves as supplies for other metal clay users who don't want to invest in the stampmaking kit.

The last thing I have in mind with this new stampmaking equipment is to add a new line of necklaces.  I don't want to reveal too much just yet but I'm really excited about it.  I'm also trying to fine tune my drawing skills so I can add a good variety for this line of necklaces. 

So stay tuned!!!  Happy June!