So I have a Bluetooth Fold-Up Keyboard for my iPad that I'm worried isn't charging correctly (or at all) but I'm testing it out now because apparently the LED light won't show up if the keyboard is fully charged and it can hold a charge for typing up to 500 hours with it. So maybe my issue right now isn't that the thing isn't charging, but that's it's still fully charged. It has taken a charge once from what I can remember, and I'm trying to trick myself into thinking that I haven't really used it much since it took that charge. Maybe my solution is that I just have to use it for a little while, drain up some battery, and then try plugging it in again. So when I was trying to decide where I should try out my keyboard for a while, I realized I hadn't made time to write here for a few weeks, so what better way to use my keyboard than a blog posting?

School started for me yesterday and I am feeling as organized as I possibly can be at this point. I have two classes and 4 weeks in which to complete them, and they're both online. So basically, 3 months worth of material (theoretically) is being crammed into these next 4 weeks. Luckily, one of my professors is being a saint and is only assigning two major tests and ten small quizes (and discussion work), and is leaving out two major projects he usually assigns during the regular semesters. The other professor hasn't made the semester too impossible and I feel like I'll be able to manage okay, especially with the fact that I'll be taking a day off of work each week throughout the semester.

I'm just now realizing that I haven't given you my most important news!! Steve found this out a couple of weeks ago! Probably just after I wrote my last post. We're going to Phoenix, Arizona!!! I couldn't be happier. My jewelry will need to take a break the three weeks or so that we have between moving and settling. I'm also going to have to get a pretty decent humidifier in a room down there once I start working with my metal clay again. It dries quickly and in an arid dry desert climate, I can't imagine how difficult it'll be to work with.

We're hoping to be able to live at base housing when we get there so that's a new thing I'm waiting to know for sure, but at least the waiting is over on the where and when (October 5th is my last day of work, we leave October 13th). I am so very much excited for this next chapter of our lives in the military. We get to discover a new city, a new state, and a new part of the country. The Grand Canyon is within driving distance, as is San Diego :), Los Angeles, Las
Vegas, and I guess we'll be going to San Antonio every year for his 'Annual' (where the recruiters all get together and party for a couple of nights). And Phoenix itself is the 8th largest city in the United States. There are FIVE Apple stores. FIVE. I've never lived nearer than two hours to ONE. And there are 8 Barnes N Nobles. Who knows how many Targets and Best Buys (yea, i'm pretty messed up on my priority list of 'good' places to shop...I can't really explain it but I love big places with either LOTS of technology or LOTS of books...and preferably a great cafe-and any store that has a combination of the three with clothes to boot).

So aside from the stressors of moving a 2 year old and a rambunctious 55 pound dog from Pennsylvania to Arizona I'm pretty damned excited about the whole thing. Steve and I already sat down and mapped it out and from my unreliable memory, we plan to stay in Dayton, Ohio the first night, Nashville the second night, Oklahoma City? the third night, and Albuquerque the last night before arriving to Phoenix. I will probably start actually applying for jobs in September so I might not really have one by the beginning of our stay there, meaning that I could have between 3 weeks and a month off of working other than what I do with the jewelry shop. How thrilling!!

The last time this happened was when we moved here, and I tried learning to play guitar in my free time. The time before that was when we moved to Shreveport, LA, and I tried baking things like Apple Pie in my free time (which, from scratch, can take almost a full work day to do-for me at least). This time, however, I'll be finishing up my last semester as a graduate student with Clarion University. I'm hoping the classes I'll be taking next semester in no way suffer due to my moving. I'm thinking I'll have time to do school work before and after the actual physical move, and then I'll work on homework like I normally do once we're settled in Phoenix. The fact that December is the finale of the whole program for me should help drive the motivation to do well until then.

I guess I've used enough keyboard time. I'm feeling pessimistic about whether it will really charge now that I'm sitting here anticipating actually plugging it in. 500 hours is a really really long time. I wonder how the battery can even hold that much life? I'm doubting it's realistic, which probably means the darn thing just has a faulty charge port and won't work unless they replace the whole thing. That would be a huge bummer.

I'll close here, since I'm getting really tired and I have to go to the bathroom. Sorry for all the extra information! Just trying to use up those keystrokes!

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  1. the keyboard wouldn't charge...maybe it still has 498 hours left of battery life and still considers that full? Wishful thinking...


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