Inspirational Rings in Adjustable Sterling Silver... they're stackable too!

Vacation has been exhausting!  My daughters are staying with their cousin and Aunt this evening so I finally had a moment to breathe and add these rings to my shop.  I love adjustable rings because I personally change ring sizes depending on how much salt I eat or how humid vs. dry it is these stacking rings had to be adjustable.  I also love the inspirational jewelry that's becoming more and more popular this year.

I know I should feel positive on a daily basis, but sometimes I need the extra reminder and seeing it on my bracelets and rings helps a lot.  It gives me the boost I need sometimes to remember that even when a hundred things go wrong, I still have a million things in my life to make me smile (cheesy, but very true).

I hope you enjoy these new rings!  I'm going to try using my remaining few hours of quiet to relax!