New Listings are Popping Up

I've been adding new styles and I'm excited about the new year and new ideas for my jewelry shop. I bought a Silhouette Curio over the holidays and I'm planning to cut out stencils that I'll use to make new shapes with my metal clay. It also engraves into metal clay, which I plan to take advantage of more in the coming months. I wish I had some way to create more time for myself, but I know that's a problem everyone relates to, so I will just have to make the most of the few hours I have a day to work on jewelry (while also spending time with the family).

Here are some of my new listings:

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Mantra Bangle Bracelet 
(you can add or remove charms to this one, it opens on one side)

Be the Change Aluminum Hand-Stamped Cuff 
(I'm charging $25 for this and $20 of the purchase goes to the charity of your choice)

Handwriting Bracelet In Sterling Silver with Sterling Silver Chain

This is an old listing with new photos and new options 
(the reverse side with names and/or birth stats)

Hope you like them!  Let me know if you have any ideas for new listings!