Tomorrow is My Last Day of Whole30!

I'm on Day 29! I've lost weight, inches around my waist, and the urge to eat junk food every other minute of the day. I'm in a better mental health state and I feel overall a million times healthier than I did 29 days ago. My biggest fear at this point is being done with this specific diet. One suggestion they offer in their book Food Freedom Forever is to set a plan for your life after the reset. So my plan is this:

  • Wine/Alcohol/Beer only on Fridays and Saturdays (stressful Tuesday? no call for a glass of wine, hold off to "unwind" from the entire week with a glass or two of wine on Friday night)
  • Only 1 indulgence per day, every other food I consume should be nourishing and clean/healthy...want a pastry from Barnes n Noble? eat only healthful foods the rest of the day...already had a cinnamon roll for breakfast? skip the pastry at Barnes n Noble--- (only exception is the Friday, Saturday drink...I'm not going to go the rest of my life without a piece of dark chocolate with my glass of wine)

That's about it...that's my plan. I am reintroducing things like steel cut oats, honey, plain whole-fat greek yogurt (I can't stand eggs for breakfast). I'm also reintroducing typical versions of things like Mayonnaise, salad dressing, lunch meat and bacon.

In more jewelry related news, I'm working towards heavily boosting up my shop again. I go through phases every year where I take a fresh look at the items I offer and I think about the type of jewelry I'd like to add and how it fits in with the other items in my shop. Sometimes I'm afraid the mantra rings and bangles are totally unrelated to the fingerprint jewelry and other super personalized stuff (child's drawing, handwriting, footprint keychains). I consider splitting them out to start another shop, but I think the fact that I make fingerprint charms for the bangles is a way I can tie them together. 

The "Be the Change" bangle cuff that I listed with a "proceeds to go charity" has been doing well and I couldn't be more thrilled and excited to be a part of giving back. 


I'm working on new items, like Morse Code rings with that awesome aluminum I've been using to create the Mantra Rings:


They say "Jane" and "Abby" (my daughters' names)
.--- .- -. .    = Jane
.- -... -... -.--    =Abby

I also ordered "Gilder's Paste" because I've been having trouble finding a reliable black ink/enamel/patina. I'm excited to try it. I found a review claiming the black would stay on a stamped piece of metal even after swimming the English Channel. 


Colorado Springs has had some crummy weather lately so I haven't found a good time to photograph these new items, which makes it impossible for me to list them in my shop.

I'll be back more often in the coming weeks with new items and new ideas!