Etsy Wholesale

I've been creating jewelry for over 10 years now and today marks a new adventure for my jewelry shop. I've been approved as a Wholesale seller on Etsy Wholesale. Before I applied, I was afraid of becoming overwhelmed (by life in general), but I'm approaching everything these days with eyes wide open. For instance, when I first opened my retail shop, it took over a month before I sold my first true item (to someone other than a friend or relative). There are good odds that my Wholesale experience will be similar, and I usually see a lull in sales through the summer in my retail shop so this is the perfect time to test the waters. 

Plus, being afraid is never going to get me anywhere. I wouldn't be anything I am today if I didn't take chances on things that could potentially be amazing. The worst that could happen in this scenario is no Wholesale buyer wants to stock my jewelry. If I don't try, that's already going to happen. At least if I try, I'll know I have the potential for it to happen. I love my jewelry, especially the new Hidden Inspiration line of rings with the mantras stamped along the inside and beautiful symbols stamped on the outside. Maybe retailers or boutiques will love it too.  Caring Crate, a Canadian subscription service for uplifting items packaged and delivered monthly, already purchased a Wholesale order of my "You are Enough" rings with hearts stamped on the outside (through my Etsy shop). I'm feeling optimistic about this new opportunity. This jewelry shop is like a family member to me now, it's part of who I am and I am so proud of how far it has come. 

Here's a glimpse at my new Wholesale shop...if you want to browse around, you have to be either a Wholesale buyer or seller on Etsy. If you're a retail shopper looking to stock my jewelry, please contact me!