Be Here Now, Yoga Boho Ring

Day 12 snuck up on me. It was about 6 PM when I finally remembered that I needed to make a ring. Today was jam-packed with transitioning my old job,  then I helped my husband with some yard work outside (he'd consider it "doing my own fair share" or whatever, but it's not like I really care that much if our grass dies...I mean, I guess I do...). Then I went to get dinner for us and a friend who is sleeping over...then went to a parade for my daughter in daycare...they walked around in storybook character was cute but only really necessary when my own kid was walking through (she was thrilled I was there)...then came home and started dinner. It was a jam-packed day, concluding with a movie with the hubby (Magnificent 13 or whatever it's called...good movie, for a western).

So here's tonight's ring, since I had to do this pretty much all day, but it was well worth it:

Hope you all had a fulfilling Friday as well!!