Believe Mantra Ring - Day 9

Today was my first official day as a full-time small business owner...I'm not sure yet how to word it...self employed? I don't have that part figured out yet but I just have to felt AMAZING to have a full day that I didn't have any responsibilities other than this jewelry shop. If every workday is like this, I won't need weekends or vacations. I will probably walk around in a permanent good mood.
I've liked my day jobs...I've been really good at my day jobs...but this is all mine. I am in control of all of it. I get to say what new items should be added, or what tweaks are needed for my listings. No one to get approval from...just me. And so when I have a drop in sales, I'll know I have to do something different, improve something. And when I have a boost in sales, I'll get to enjoy every bit of that success knowing it's all me.  I'm about 75% super excited and 25% terrified.

Overall, I'm thrilled. I mean, it doesn't hurt that my shop has been fairly successful over the past couple of months. If I have a slow week, or even a slow few days, I might be feeling more 75% terrified and 25% excited.

For now, I'm going to go with the sentiment of today's ring:

So thanks for sticking with me this long...tomorrow I'll be in double digits! I didn't expect to have so much life-changing material for this 30 Day Challenge, but I'm proud of myself for sticking with it.