Breastfeeding Reminder Ring, Day 22

I'm not sure what happened but starting last night, I've had about triple the views in my Etsy shop on one of my Breastfeeding Reminder rings. I can tell they're all coming from Facebook and since I know I haven't posted anything about this particular ring lately, I'm suspecting that someone out there in the world shared the ring to the audience of a whole lot of breastfeeding mamas.  I wish I could identify the poster because I would love to thank them for all the love.

This inspired me to come up with a new design for these rings because, to be perfectly honest, I wanted to write about breastfeeding during this 30 day challenge.

These rings make me so happy. When I first opened Carmella's Jewelry way back in the day (when it was nothing more than a fun hobby that didn't make a profit), my oldest daughter was still a baby. I had a TON of trouble remembering which side I needed to breastfeed her on next so I actually made my first breastfeeding reminder ring out of sparkly green sculpy clay. It lasted a few weeks before it broke.  Then I discovered precious metal clay and made my first legit ring with an arrow carved on top and it helped a lot. I'm still wearing the ring today, 6 years later. I loved those breastfeeding days. I wore this ring with my younger daughter too and breastfed them each for over 14 months. The level of bonding I got to have with my baby girls back then were maybe my favorite moments of my whole life... even the 3 AM feedings, maybe especially those feedings...those dark and quiet hours when everyone else in the world was sleeping (or at least in my time zone). It was just me and my baby, and though I craved sleep, I still cherished every moment.

I'm so so so happy to be making these rings for mamas all over the world now. I hope they find them as useful as I did (I can flip a ring just using a few fingers so for as far as all those other nifty tricks go, this one was the only one that would work for me...I'd forget bobby pins or other bra fasteners on the bra and wash it, plus I wore a ton of those breastfeeding camisoles without bras (they were built in and offered me enough support that I didn't need the uncomfortable nursing bra with it). A ring just made the most sense for me.

This is turning into a very long post. I could talk about my breastfeeding days for, well, days.  I won't be having anymore children, but at least I have those wonderful memories, and I will probably wear that ring forever (see last photo).

Here's my ring for today:

And here's a picture of the ring I made 6 years ago to help me when I was breastfeeding my first baby: