Choose Happy, Day 11

This week has been one of those life-changing kinds of weeks. No matter what the circumstances, being let go from a job is always going to hurt. I couldn't help but feel extremely sad when I first got the news. It made my heart sink. I felt numb for the first few seconds, then I cried, a lot, over the phone with my previous boss. I hate when I do that...cry in a professional situation that really doesn't call for crying (yea, it sucked, but it wasn't personal).

Then I got off the phone (pretty much hung up on them...also unprofessional) and cried a whole lot more. But I think I got all the tears out that day. I've been thinking more positively ever since.

I am competent, well educated, hard working and I really believe in myself and this jewelry shop.

So from now on, I'll keep trying to choose happiness over sadness...which brings me to today's ring:

Hope you all like it as much as I do! If you can relate to what I'm going through, please comment!