Custom Mantra Rings, Day 10

Today's ring is actually a custom item I created from the buyer's specifications. She wanted "i got you, always" with the heart symbols.

A couple of weeks ago, I snuck this listing into my shop:

I just want to make sure everyone out there following along knows that you can request your own mantra or phrase, name, favorite quote, etc. 

I'm willing to customize pretty much anything you see in my shop. Now that I'm really diving in..I'm exploring other methods of creating things like my mantra bangles with aluminum so that I can offer them at a lower price. I just have to get better at sawing metal first (today was my first attempt and I can already tell I'll get addicted to it quickly...there's a strange sense of satisfaction that comes from cutting into thick pieces of metal).

If you're reading you have any custom ideas for jewelry? I would love to hear your thoughts!