DAD Ring, Day 14, Happy Father's Day!!!!

I've heard from a few happy customers today and I feel a stranger weight to this holiday now that I've spent the last several years frantically creating gifts for awesome dads all over the country to receive on this day.  I feel bad for my own husband, who kind of gets the short end of the stick (is that the phrase? I'm terrible at phrases)...even though I think about Father's Day nonstop for at least a month before it's actually here, it's hard for me to remember to put better effort into my husband's day...he's an awesome father so I really need to do better.

This story won't help either...I wanted to make an awesome mantra ring for awesome dads out there, and I didn't have anyone in mind other than my own husband, so I created the below ring sort of for him...even though he's not a ring guy.  I couldn't make him another keychain...his keys are heavy enough with them (seriously, I think he's up to 4 now...and I make him keep them all on there so he's getting more annoyed than appreciative).

Happy Father's Day to you amazing dads of the world!!! Us moms couldn't do it without you!!