Day 25, Keep Killing It

Today's mantra is meant to get me through the next few days. Tomorrow night at 10 PM I'm starting the long trek to Pennsylvania to visit family for 2 weeks. Colorado Springs to Pennsylvania is about a 24 hour drive and we left at night last year in hopes that the kids would stay asleep for a good chunk of the drive, so we're trying again this year. I'm a night owl, so staying awake for the first leg of the trip seemed more natural for me. Last year, my husband started the night shift and I took over in the middle of the night. I'm not an early riser and that's pretty much how it felt to me this made more sense to me for this year. I will try taking a nap tomorrow and then we'll be all set...even without the nap, I'm pretty confident I'll be totally fine staying up until 2 AM.

Tonight I tested out the space in our car to see if I could bring a bunch of jewelry making supplies along with our dog and 2 suit cases. I am proud to say I found a great way to fit everything, which makes me feel so much better about our trip. I was really worried about fitting everything.

It's all fitting together... so I feel like tonight's mantra ring is totally appropriate.

Four days left! Even though this mantra ring challenge only takes up about 45 minutes of my time every day, I'm excited to have it'd be hard to keep it up during 2 weeks of visiting family.