Do What You Love, Day 5

I'm posting this way later than usual because today, like yesterday and the day before (and the day before that?), I was super busy with Father's Day keychains.  I made the last batch of keychains that will be in the mail Monday and will hopefully make very happy dads next Sunday. They still need to be fired in my kiln tomorrow, then tumbled overnight (polishes them up) tomorrow night, then I have to add the patina and polish them again by hand, then they'll be ready to go. Today was spent editing the footprints and kid's drawings and fingerprints, etc....then making 3D stamps out of the images, then pressing them into the metal clay that needs to dry over night. This whole ordeal is quite the undertaking. Each keychain takes me several hours if you break it down. I'm super exhausted.

So today, since I was getting to that point where one gets when they're super busy doing something they enjoy (but feeling the stressful weight of time constraints nonetheless), I made this ring:

Do What You Love

While binge watching Person of Interest earlier this week, I heard (I mostly just listen) Harold say something along the lines of "If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life" and it holds true for this business. Even though I worked 12+ hours today, I still feel like I had my Saturday. It was a good day. I'm tired, but I am a good tired. The kind of tired you feel when you just got done doing things you liked all day.

Unfortunately, I made this ring at around 10 PM so it's too dark outside for my jewelry staging area and the photos are not professionally taken (I have a nice Canon DSLR that I use for all the jewelry I list in my shop). This was done with my iPhone, so the listing isn't yet active in my shop. But I made the ring, and that's a win! On any normal busy day like today, I wouldn't have made the time to create something new, but I'm doing this challenge and I can't give up in the first week.  The idea of making myself make time to create something new feels really good. I won't go to bed tonight feeling like I neglected something. 

Hope you're all having a great Saturday as well!!