Love & Light Lotus Flower Ring, Day 15

I'm officially halfway through!  I'm not going to was a rough day for me on this new road...not for any reason in particular (although a boost in sales would probably bring a boost in mood). I think today is just one of those days that we all have that is more ordinary and full of the little nagging bothersome things than one would like. It sort of sucks, to be honest. Days like this are inevitable though, and I know that now that I've experienced more than 3 decades of all sorts of moods.  I'm in a bad mood today...tomorrow might be amazing or it might suck too...same with the next day...but I know this will pass and I'll have a few good days in a row too. This is life. (I should make a ring of that).

How was everyone else's day? Today's ring was meant to boost me up but it didn't work...I still like it though:

And the winner from last weeks giveaway...Barb Belinda!