Music Heals, Day 21

I'm getting this one in at the last minute today because I took more time this afternoon for myself. While my youngest was napping and my oldest was watching cartoons, I went for a bike ride then took a long afternoon bath. I haven't taken a bath in months...maybe over a year.

I have been craving one for a while now and today the timing finally worked out so that both kids would still be occupied, my husband was out at the gym, I had already cleaned my house and I knew I'd spend time working on this ring and some other jewelry things tonight.

While relaxing in said bath, I listened to a "piano essentials" playlist on Apple Music and did nothing for almost an hour...I haven't tried meditating in a while but I think I should start making a habit of it again because man did that feel great. I think that inspired today's ring. Hope you like it!