One of a Kind, Day 19

I took today "off" because my husband took leave (military guy) and we kept both girls home from "school" (aka, summer school and daycare). We were supposed to go hiking but the weather went from 80 and sunny ever day for over a week to 60 and rainy today. So we went to Barnes n Noble instead and then spent the day napping and being was still great for us adults but the kiddos weren't as satisfied as they could have been. I am driving them up to visit my great friend in Denver tomorrow and her son, who they both love. That'll be a make-up day to today.

Today's ring was one I've been wanting to make for a while now. I love the butterfly and I love the mantra. We're all one of a kind. We're all unique and wonderful and awesome in our own way. We all have something amazing and special to offer this world.

Hope you're all having an amazing Friday!!