What Dreams May Come-Mantra Challenge Day 3

Today's ring was trickier because a lot of my jewelry creating time right now is dedicated to creating Father's Day gifts. I still have a LOT more to make, which I love, making gifts for any occasion is one of my favorite things to do...especially when it holds so much meaning from the giver to the recipient.

I'm already glad I'm doing this 30-day challenge to bring new mantra rings to my shop because if I wasn't, there's no way I would have made time this evening to make today's ring. And I love it today's ring.

Richard Matheson is (was? not sure how to phrase this since he has passed away) one of my all-time favorite authors. This book is incredible. The movie is good, but it's no where near as good as the book (same with "I am Legend").

Also, the phrase itself means a lot to me. I'm constantly wondering what amazing paths this life will lead me down and that's what these words make me think of...all the different possibilities, all the different amazing things that can happen in this life. I know there will be hard days, there will be times in my life that I'll be sad or stressed out or feeling low, but there will also be times in my life where I'll feel amazing, where terrific things will happen for my family, where I'll breathe in deep breaths of pure happiness.

Those awesome moments are the ones I'll be thinking of when I look at this ring. The moments I know are still in store for me...the moments that are going to make me so happy to be alive...this jewelry shop brings me a lot of those moments. I can't tell you all how incredibly fulfilled I feel when I get messages from customers telling me how much they love my jewelry...how happy it makes me to ship out orders I worked really hard on and put a ton of love into...and how amazing it feels to imagine the potential for growth this business has.

So for all those reasons, I created this ring today.  On my 3rd day of this Mantra Ring Challenge. 3 is also my favorite number. I hope you all love this ring as much as I do!!