A Day to Celebrate

I'm at Barnes n Noble (my favorite place in the world) treating myself to a latte AND a rice krispy bar.  What am I celebrating, you ask? Today was a big deal for me and my jewelry shop. Today, just about 6 years after opening my shop, I've reached 1,000 sales (cue the confetti and a few fireworks).  More than a third of those sales occurred this year, which is even more of an accomplishment.  I've always been loyal to the shop, but this year I pushed myself to give it my all.  In return, I've had a steady flow of sales each week and as the numbers keep increasing, my passion and motivation climb the same.

I'm also rewarding myself for completing my first legit wholesale order today.  I've had "wholesale" orders on Etsy before (just a few), but this one actually came through the "Etsy Wholesale" shop I opened a couple of months ago (remember that?). I only get a few views in that shop each day but a business in Indiana bought about 40 mantra rings from me. Okay, I admit, I almost finished up the order today...except for adding the black patina to the rings, but that part doesn't take too long and I decided the coffee and snack could take priority this afternoon.

Something about having a good day in sales, drinking my favorite coffee in my favorite place, soaking up endorphins from a lunchtime bike ride, and feeling like I've still put in a good day's work has delivered me to Cloud 9.  This is my job now.  I am in love with that fact.  I know there will be ups and downs but I'm incredibly determined to make this my career.

I know a lot of this is due to my hard work but I'd just like to throw a very genuine thank you out there to the gods that are letting the stars align for me and this business.

Now I need to go research metal stamps and work on starting up a mailing list.