Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Busy, busy, busy

I have had 5 total orders so far for the fingerprint heart charms and I'm loving the popularity my shop has suddenly been receiving.  It died down after the weekend but it's only Tuesday so I have my chin up.

I finished two of the orders tonight and started a couple of gifts for family.  My mother is getting two charms to add to her necklace (which already has one charm with my daughter's fingerprint).  I also ordered a bunch of Swarovski birthstone crystals and I hope they get here before Christmas so I can add them to her necklace (the fingerprints of her grandkids and the birthstones of her kids).  I hope it doesn't look too cluttered but I couldn't really think of anything else to do to avoid the fingerprint charms overlapping too much.

Along with the jewelry I still have to wrap a few more gifts, clean my house, do laundry, and pack for the holiday travels.  Oh, and work 8 hours tomorrow and Thursday.  And be done with everything by Friday morning.  Yay.

But for now, I'm relaxing for the next hour at least.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

One More Thing

I really need to remind myself to be more patient when I order supplies online.  I rush through an order for who knows what reason (I'm afraid they'll suddenly run out of everything if I don't proceed to checkout immediately?).

After hurriedly ordering more metal clay last night I realized I could have gotten a better deal on a different site (my two favorites are Firemountain Gems and Cooltools and each of them have their own pros and cons).  Cooltools always seems to have better prices on their metal clay but they didn't have my favorite 16 gram pack so I ordered the clay from Firemountain Gems, which ended up charging me almost 10 dollars more than I needed to spend.  I could have gotten 18 grams for almost the same price on Cooltools.  Oh well, hopefully I learn from this mistake!

Fingerprint Heart Charms and a Busy Week

My 15 month old is standing next to me as I type and she's threatening to hit the keyboard of my laptop every 15 seconds so this won't be t-['=]\ <<-----see? the longest blog entry.  I'm sure no one will mind, my last couple posts were extra long after all.

My shop has finally found a popular item!  Actually, it would be more accurate to say the item found my shop. A friend I work with asked me to make her a custom item...she found it on Pinterest (a very addictive site, if you haven't already tried it).  The piece of jewelry was a print of her boyfriend and her own print molded together to form a heart.  I made it last weekend:

<---It is my first attempt at these and I hope to get better as I complete each one.  

I made another for a set of twins as a 
Christmas gift for their mother (super cute idea):


I have three orders still to complete but I'm waiting on receiving prints and sending out a mold kit.

I also sold another breastfeeding reminder ring last week (these will always be my favorite items in my shop). So it has been a great couple of weeks for my shop!  I hope it remains at least slightly consistent like this for a little while but I feel the holidays are playing a large part in my recent success.  I even had my first international sale this week!  Someone in Finland purchased a necklace!  It was an exciting moment.

Each time I have a sale it's such a great feeling.  And instead of getting less surprising each time I actually get even more excited because it means I have a shot with this.

And to close on a superstitious note...I just saw that the heart charm had 33 views and 3 'favorites'.  Three threes and it just so happens that three is my favorite number.  When my shop only had 13 sales and 13 admirers I had 2 or 3 straight weeks of no sales.