Tuesday, July 19, 2016


I really, really, really love these bracelets...like, a lot.  So I'm giving them their own store!  If you love them as much as I do, you can now find them in two places!


I'll continue adding more bracelets to each online store in the coming months.  Let me know if there are any mantras or charms you'd like to see!  

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Home Sweet Home

I need to make a "Home is Where the Heart Is" bangle bracelet, since my husband is Air Force and our "home" uproots about every 3-4 years.

We drove 12 hours on Wednesday and almost 10 hours today.  And holy hell, I'm tired.  My 5 year old passed out within about 10 minutes of going to bed, which is unheard of...and we were just welcomed back to Colorado by golf ball sized hail.

Here are a couple of photos I took during my trip of adorable sleeping mammals:

I'm currently wishing I had made all my rings adjustable before that drive because I'm pretty sure I'll have to cut a few off at this point...I'm almost as swollen right now as I was when I was 7 months pregnant with each girl.

And we're watching Game of Thrones and I'm starting to relax back at home.  Immediately after we got home, we went back out again for groceries.  Now at least we'll have food for breakfast.  And after breakfast, it'll be at least an hour before I've dug my way through my car and luggage.

A couple more vacation pics:

My pirates and a kiss for Pop Pop.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Inspirational Rings in Adjustable Sterling Silver... they're stackable too!

Vacation has been exhausting!  My daughters are staying with their cousin and Aunt this evening so I finally had a moment to breathe and add these rings to my shop.  I love adjustable rings because I personally change ring sizes depending on how much salt I eat or how humid vs. dry it is outside...so these stacking rings had to be adjustable.  I also love the inspirational jewelry that's becoming more and more popular this year.

I know I should feel positive on a daily basis, but sometimes I need the extra reminder and seeing it on my bracelets and rings helps a lot.  It gives me the boost I need sometimes to remember that even when a hundred things go wrong, I still have a million things in my life to make me smile (cheesy, but very true).

I hope you enjoy these new rings!  I'm going to try using my remaining few hours of quiet to relax!