Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ahh!!! The # 13!!!

I have never had good luck with my shop and the number 13.  When I had 13 sales I was also stuck at 13 admirers and that lasted for over 2 weeks (at least).  The day I had my 14th sale I also had TWO new admirers of my shop, bringing that number to 15.  I currently have 13 followers on this blog, which is why I think my shop has had a bad couple of weeks of business for the most part.  PLEASE follow my blog if you're reading this!!!!


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Thank you!!

I'd just like to thank Katie McCurdy for her amazing blog post complimenting my jewelry and my Etsy shop!  I couldn't be more flattered!

I also love to read and write so I am glad to have discovered Katie's blog titled "Legacy of a Writer".  Katie is an author and keeps up with her postings on her blog daily.  She has giveaways and amazing book reviews!

Thank you again, so much, Katie!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Renewed Motivation

It's not like I lost my motivation for making jewelry...far from it...but all the hicups along the way in the past couple of months have definitely put a wrench in my outlook on the jewelry shop.  I had a great weekend this weekend as far as sales and my kiln is now finally pretending to work on a consistent basis.  I made the following three rings:

The one on the left and the one on the right are both adjustable.  The one on the right will be a new nursing reminder ring for my shop (it'll be easier to get as a gift when people are sort of guessing at the mom's size...this way they can feel more confident that it'll fit regardless-and for mom's that know they'll be losing weight through the year or two that they're breastfeeding). 

The one in the middle is just for me, haha.

The next photo is of the things I made that are still drying (including one of the rings).  Apparently it takes this sterling silver PMC a little longer to dry..I actually found that out the hard way when bubbles appeared in that middle ring.

These all fired just fine in the kiln.  I still need to polish and finish the round discs (they're for earrings) and the flower charm, which is one of two flower charms I need to photograph and add to the shop.  Maybe I'll accomplish all of this tonight?  We'll see!

Either way, the shop is keeping me busy, along with my efforts at entertaining my 18-month-old daughter by taking her around to all the local parks to enjoy this gorgeous early spring weather we're having.  My house is a mess, but oh well--as long as I'm not there to see it, I don't mind as much!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Unlucky luck..

After all the stuff I went through to exchange the Speedfire Electric Mini Kiln (which didn't work for me, but did work for the company and it took a few emails/phone calls to get them to exchange it for the Paragon Digital Firefly) I finally received my more expensive and HOPEFULLY more reliable kiln on Friday. 

AND wouldn't you know had an error right off the bat that wouldn't let it fire anything or even start running.  So apparently I either have to replace the thermocouple (thing that measures temperature) or the digital box that shows what the temp is and regulates everything for the firing process.  Here's my gripe about this...I received a brand new and quite expensive (in my budget) piece of machinery that didn't work, not once, properly.  And now I'm expected to replace parts of this machine to make it work...but I'm not confident enough to do this because for one, the parts have to be taken apart with weird screw drivers that are drilled into the fiber walls of this kiln and also because I have no experience whatsoever with kilns or machinery.  But that's just the way it's going to go.  I know they won't pay for me to ship this 40lb thing back to them and then pay again to ship it back to me.  It just gives me such a sinking feeling.  And my husband is the one I'm counting on to help me with replacing these parts and running the tests to see what it is that is actually broken and he's not feeling well today.  So there's a broken and expensive piece of machinery that I REALLY REALLY want to use just sitting in my house.


Maybe I'll give the company another call and see if there's anything they can do before I run this test that I don't feel comfortable doing without my husband..who is out of commission until further notice. 

BOO....since I first ordered the speedfire kiln and it didn't work, I've had this uneasy disheartened feeling and it has gone on almost continuously for about 3 weeks now.  I hope some good luck comes my way soon with this whole ordeal.  But I am certainly not optimistic about it.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

What a February...

I realized this year that February is by far my least favorite month of the year.  Especially in an area that has winter.  I know this year was a mild winter for Pennsylvania, but I hate any type of winter so I have still been daydreaming about the day I get to wear a pair of shorts and drive with my windows down.  Speaking of daughter and I were in a car accident Wednesday, February 21st.  We were both fine, thankfully!!  A 17-year-old boy without a license, was driving his mothers car and failed to stop at a stop sign and drove right into my moving vehicle (I was going almost full speed-35mph).  He wasn't hurt either.  I also found out the next day that a package I ordered from a metal clay company was lost in the mail (USPS).  I thought that the mail found it a couple of days ago bc it moved locations again finally, but now I'm not so sure again.  It hasn't moved since.  It was supposed to be delivered 2/ I'm pretty hopeless about it. AND I didn't get insurance, of course :(

Well, yesterday was the last day of February...Leap Day, in fact...and it was like February was trying to make it up to me for putting me in a horrible mood all month.  I got a new car (a Chevy Equinox-I LOVE it!) and I had my first NEW sale on Etsy in WEEKS!  So yay!!  Still no sight of that package though...Oh WAIT!  I just checked it to be sure and it is now OUT FOR DELIVERY.  YAY again!  --it was over $60 worth of products, so I feel a little justified for this enthusiasm.

Now it's march, and my birthday is this weekend, so I'm in a much better mood :)